Saturday, September 01, 2007

Old Virginny

On Friday, Jan took the day off work to take us to Stratford Hall, which was General Robert E Lee's boyhood home. As some of you are aware I am descended form the Lee's of Richmond Va. and it is believed that we are distant kin to the Lee's of Westmoreland Co. who knows I could be the long lost heir............unlikely.....

We took a fully guided tour of the Great House and saw it furnished in the manner of the day with some of the original furniture and paintings and some reproductions as the information provided in letters ,journals and original plans and drawings. It was one of the most fascinating and informative tour of an old building I have taken...ever..

There was a building set back into the woods that we found was The Vault where the bodies of the family were laid to rest.

Behind the Vault was a trail into the woods which we decided to take. It went down into a deep gully and wound its way around the hillside.

We finally found our way out of the woods(we found a map) and lo and behold there was the dining room so we decided that it would be nice 'to set fer a while'.

After we had a delicious lunch at the Dining room we wandered back to the Great House area past some cabins that are let out to groups etc.. as we were wandering we found a grove of trees that had a plaque at the edge and in this area there had been the slave burials. we had a moments silence and reflection.

The Slave Cabins for the plantations House Slaves have been restored from the original foundations and there were 2 family's allocated to each cabin. There was a ladder up on the inside that leads to a loft that probably had extra sleeping.

The last thing we looked at as we were finishing our wanderings around the grounds was the Stables. They had some old carriages as well as some that get used on "Carriage Day" when people dress up and ride their carriages around the roads on the Plantation.

On our way home we bought a Mega Millions Ticket which I am sure you are all surprised to hear...we did NOT win.......


Anonymous said...

hello parents, i have finally had a chance to catch up on your trip, and let me tell you i am exhausted just reading it. well done for all the carefully made plans coming into fruition mum. good to see you are having the time of your lives. i am well and have no news to report, except spring has finally arrived!!!

oh here is a question for you.How did you end up in the HOOD?

take care, travel safe and try not join any gangs lol.xx

Melissa said...

Sounds like a fabulous cultural experience... I am thrilled the house was not modernised!

Yay for history :) Ok, i'm a geek.

I'm glad you're enjoying your explorations... thanks for all the photos!



Anonymous said...

Hi Guys!! Sounds like you have been having a great time on your travels up east. I love your updates, it makes me feel like I'm there with you.

Can't wait to see you again in Murray!!

Keep having fun, and keep up the good work on the site!

See you soon!!!

Love, Laura

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I forgot that you know several Lauras!!!

Anyway, Can't wait to see you again! Oh, by the way, my new job is going great so far!!

Love ya', Laura Sweeney!!!

And just in case you haven't heard it yet....."Ya'll come back now, ya hear"

Laura(your daughter) said...

Phew are you exausted yet? i am just reading all you have been up to. It sounds great! love you heaps!

Anonymous said...

hi guys i am finally reading your news i am so pleased you are having such a good if tiring time. I will get josie over and sit her with the computer, well i will try enjoy. marion