Monday, September 17, 2007

Into the Past

After a brilliant night out in Nashville we got an early start to go to Mississippi..We decided to go via some small towns instead of mostly freeways to we had a lovely drive through the Tennessee Valley.

It was so nice that it started to take longer than we thought so we then got onto the Natchez Trace and we could then travel faster. It was still beautiful but just a more direct way to travel.

Arrived at Aunt Marguarite's mid afternoon and just felt wonderful to arrive where I had spent so much time when I was 20 years old...John Fletcher arrived and he is just the same as he was back then, Harriet, Joseph, Rob and Julie Ann...then came Steve, Linda and Jay...Some I knew, some I didn't and some had not even been born when I was last here

During the day we went all around New Albany and it has changed allot since I was last here as the now have Kentucky Fried, Taco Bell and a WallMart.

John Fletcher took me to the New Albany Cemetery to see some more ancestors graves and also some extra special family member who I was close too.

Then we went back to the house and sat around and told stories about when we were young and had a really good laugh as Aunt Marguarite hadn't heard most of them. she really enjoyed it and so did we.

Saturday night we went out for supper to a great new restaurant that had a buffet that had all good southern food such as fried catfish, frogs legs, chicken, turnip greens, creamed corn(not as good as mine), peach cobbler and iced tea...well that's pretty much what I ate. After supper we went for Coffee and Cake at Steve and Linda's house and had a great to bed about midnight.

On Sunday morning we had a slow start to the day then John Fletcher arrived over and he and I went for a drive to WallMart. Just as we were driving buy the church, the bolt that holds the spare tire to the underside of the truck, snapped in half and the spare dropped onto the road with a loud bang. It sounded like we had hit something, but I knew we had not, but some guy waved us down and then john Fletcher saw the tire on the road in the rear vision...

After shopping we went by his place and then out to the farm. It is a beautiful peaceful retreat that Uncle Hardy loved to spend his time.

We had an open house on Sunday afternoon for all the family who wanted to drop by for a visit...and I saw the rest of my cousins with whom I had visited with in Georgia in 1970 and in Colorado in 1972.. needles to say we had all changed just a bit.

There was so much food that I don't think Grant or I will need to eat next week.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you had a terrific time in Nashville and New Albany. I can't believe how much John Fletcher looks like his Dad.
Jan, you look smashing in your cowgirl outfit! Sounds like you really did things up right in Nashville. I'll have to track Susan down if we ever get there.
We had a good visit with Keith, Merilynn, Brooke, Scott, and Luke. Meg took the young folks out for a few laughs Saturday night, while we geezers stayed home to talk and let Merilynn get caught up on laundry. Did some shopping in Fredericksburg yesterday and this morning took all the Henrys to catch the commuter train to Washington, DC(EARLY, as you no doubt remember). We'll drive up to their hotel, meet them, and deliver their luggage this afternoon. Then we all take the DC subway system to the baseball game tonight. No thunderstorms are forecast -- it's going to be downright chilly, though.
Keep up the great blogging.

Melissa said...

Hi again!

I hope the visit to the cemetery wasn't too overwhelming.

On a brighter note - thanks for the photos of family members!

I'm so glad your seeing so many of our family.

Please come back with lots of stories.