Friday, August 31, 2007

Dinner Out and a Quiet Day

We had a great dinner out with Jan and Larry's youngest daughter Meg and her beautiful daughter Chloe. Meg would love to go to Oz for a holiday, and wants the girls to show her a young persons view of Oz.....

This has been our second day of rest and it really was needed, allot of walking on pavement isn't so good for the 'old boy's' feet.

I made the most of the time to clean out the beast, learn how to put a movie clip on my blog...did you like it???

Read all the comments again that you all are adding to the blog...thank you!!

for those who don't know, if you go to the bottom of each entry I make and CLICK on Comments you can add something or just say Hi. By the way which LYN left the comment,please as I know 3...just say where you live if you don't want to leave your name...I'll know.


Melissa said...

Tell the family that I'd be thrilled to show them around my corner of Australia...

Thanks for the updates again - and the photos

I can just imagine how much you were looking forward to cleaning out the Beast - when you stopped :)

Meg said...

Chloe and I truly had a brilliant time at dinner with you guys! :)

Grant, perhaps when your "Recruiting a Workforce to Australia" assignment is complete, you can begin a "Fly Meg to Australia" charity! I promise I won't be too much trouble... I'm much better mannered than my mother. Ah, who am I kidding?

It was so nice to meet you both during your Virginia visit!

Enjoy the rest of your time in the states, and... Ya'll come back now, ya hear? :)


ps- Jan, I'm looking forward to helping out with the pictures for the book. Be sure to get my email from my mom.