Thursday, September 13, 2007

We Have WiFi Again

Due to a lack of wireless connections for the last few days, I have not made any entries….hopefully y’all worked that out for yourselves.

After we visited Gettysburg Battlefield we felt a bit War Weary for a while and we decided to change our route…..see I can be spontaneous and instead of driving through Ohio we wound around a little and went through West Virginia.

We decided that a short shopping spree on our travels would be in order……..FUN…
The shoes and clothing here is so much cheaper so we have done allot of shopping and also purchased extra bags to bring our clothes home.

We didn’t go very far in our travels that day as we wanted to go and settle somewhere for the night so that we could inspect our purchases…….MORE FUN.

We stopped at a lovely campground near Hagersville Maryland….we hadn’t made WV yet.

Next morning…Tuesday… we rose early and drove for 9 ½ hours to Lexington Kentucky. We found an RV campground that is a Horse Theme Park called Kentucky Horse Park. We were tired from the long drive so we called Dominoes and had Pizza delivered……..
Next day we had a messy start to the day as we needed to dump our Black and Grey water tanks and after Grant finished the black tank and was doing the grey the connection (which was broken) totally came apart and we had a grey spill.....YUK.

Got that cleaned up and then our first priority was to find a hardware store to get a new connector so it wont happen again.

We arrived in Irvington Ky and called my cousin Laura and she came and guided us to her place. We visited with her and her husband Roger and in the evening their son Roger Jnr and his girlfriend came for supper and we had B-B-Q Ribs, Ham and Beans and it was GOOD.

While we were there she drove me to an Amish craft store and I purchased the top section of an Amish Quilt that I will need to learn quilting to be able to finish it off.

Next morning we went to Calloway County to stay at another cousins place, where they grow Corn and Tobacco.

Calloway Co. is where my father was born and spent all his formative years.

After having lunch and getting the van connected to power he took us out to the barn to show us the firing of the tobacco that is for Snuff or Chewing Tobacco.

It was interesting to be able to see the way the tobacco is hung in many layers from the top of the barn to the bottom. On the ground there are fire pits that contain the long planks of wood that Pat is carrying and then sawdust is piled on top so that it is a smoldering heat to dry out the tobacco. If the fires are not set correctly the whole barn can burn down and a whole crop can be lost.

It is very smokey inside the barn when the fires are burning and extremely hot as it is done in the summer, so working inside the barn is 'just a bit warm'

That afternoon Tom and Eva arrived from Florida and a couple of distant relations from Arizona.
We had a wonderful dinner and after dinner Pat and I went with Patsy and Keith (Arizona) to the hospital as Patsy had recently had her foot operated on and it had swollen so much it looked like it might explode. Anyway we didn't get away from the hospital until about midnight....minus Patsy and she spent the next 3 1/2 days in hospital and missed the whole reunion....needles to say she was disappointed and her husband Keith had to be her representative....


Anonymous said...

We miss you guys bunches. New family seems to be selfish and want more time. We are totally tired...too much fun, I guess. Be safe. Will continue to follow your progress. Love Eva and Tom

Melissa said...

Thanks again for a fabulous update - a "bit warmish" Teeheehehe


Love you