Saturday, September 08, 2007

Catch Up

After leaving Virginia, we headed off north and unfortunately we have not had internet connection, so no Blogs....Please check in a week as I will try at the next caravan park.


Laura said...

Hey Momma, lookin fine in your jacket! Thanks for the post card it is beautiful! looks like a nice place to park the van too! Have you explored much bushland? Is it amazing? Love you both

Stacka said...

Thanks for the shouldn't have. Well, yes, I suppose you should have. Can you believe Kylie's comment? She doesn't know who I am?!! Good Grief!! Next thing Melissa will be saying that I'm not her favourite adopted uncle. And don't get me started on Leesha....not one letter/postcard since she moved to NZ. I'll be re-writing my will, I can tell ya!! And Laura...taught her everything she knows about trapeze work! Well, maybe not everything.....well,bugger all, really, I was telling fibs. Strewth, Kylie, you should have some idea who I am by now.
Love & Big Hugs to you all

Leesha said...

Sorry, no idea who you are either....!

Melissa said...

The beauty of smug superiority - I know who you are Uncle Tone's... :-)

Ok - unfair advantage... I posted last - and I know which of Grant's friends know him well enough to flirt confidently with his wife :)