Saturday, September 15, 2007

Doing Nashville

We had a mid morning start to our Nashville day as Susan(our new found friend), who works nights, needed some she arrived around 10am and we went to Ernest Tubbs Music Store...for the un-informed (that includes me)he was a Country Singer. Grant purchased a few CD's and I, some magnets.

Next Susan took us to a Western Boot Store where the locals shop and I did find a pair of really nice boots, plus a shirt, jeans, belt, and fringed leather jacket. And I look SHARP if I do say so myself....Grant decided on the pose as I only stand around with my foot on a bench when no one is watching.

Grant got a belt, jeans and 2 happy with his R M Williams so didn't want any boots.

Shopping takes a while so after that we went into Downtown for lunch at the Wild Horse and they have a big screen playing Country clips when there is no live entertainment. They have some full size horse statues attached to the ceiling to make it look like they are at full gallop.

We drove around after lunch for a bit to see the sites then went back to the RV for a while as Susan had to start work..While we were driving around, Grant suggested that she do what she was doing for us as a business as it was so good to have a local helping us...we wouldn't have had as much fun if left to our own devices.

At 7pm she left work just to collect us a deliver us to our evenings entertainment so that we wouldn't have to get a nice is that..

She showed us where to walk to get to the Blue Bird Cafe and then dropped us at the shopping Centre nearby so we filled in time looking at all the electronics..I have discovered that I have become a GEEK..

The Blue Bird was fabulous.. it was a night for some SOUL and the singer?songwriters were great

The photo was taken by the phone as we decided not to take the camera and then ..of course ..regretted it.
We got a CD by each of the three performing artists and then Susan arrived to take us back in time to hear 2 more songs from each of the performers.
So if any of you people are about to head to Nashville and want a more local view of the city...we know who to get in touch with.


Anonymous said...

Are there no stores untouched by you guys? I am totally jealous.
You need to publish you new outfit pictures.
Keep having fun!

Anonymous said...

ohhhhh, tony is stack!

Looking forward to seing the video of the family reunion.

Love Kylie xo

Melissa said...

Yee ha cow girl!

Love the outfit! Can I try on the top when you get home ???

What a lovely lady that Susan is! I'm impressed!