Thursday, September 13, 2007

We have WiFi

Here is a short clip that we drve through showing that we drove through Bear Country in the mountains of West Virginia...on our way to Kentucky.

After we visited Gettysburg Battlefield we felt a bit War Weary for a while and we decided to change our route…..see I can be spontaneous and instead of driving through Ohio we went through West Virginia.

We decided that a short shopping spree on our travels would be in order……..FUN…
The shoes and clothing here is so much cheaper so we have done allot of shopping and also purchased extra bags to bring our clothes home.

We didn’t go very far in our travels that day as we wanted to go and settle somewhere for the night so that we could inspect our purchases…….MORE FUN.

We stopped at a lovely campground near Hagersville Maryland….we hadn’t made WV yet.

Next morning…Tuesday… we rose early and drove for 9 ½ hours to Lexington Kentucky. We found an RV campground that is a Horse Theme Park called Kentucky Horse Park. We were tired from the long drive so we called Dominoes and had Pizza delivered……..

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