Friday, September 28, 2007

Full Circle

After spending 3 relaxing days at Tom and Colleens house just organising our packing and washing clothes and just sitting around talking with not having to drive anywhere, it was time to start our homeward journey.

We have travelled down to San Francisco and only stopped at the Stanford Shopping the person who had a request will have something to keep him warm during his convalescence... then we turned onto Highway 1 and we have seen the wonderful coastline and gritted our teeth as we wound around the mountainous coastline, then it took full concentration to drive the Freeway's of LA and tonight we are staying in the KOA at Pomona California, the suburb of my birth and tomorrow morning we will be cleaning out the van and returning it to the Rental Co. On the way we will drive by the house that I lived in as a newborn.

I have tried numerous times to add a photo to this entry but for some reason known only to the blog world it is not doing any for me tonight.


Anonymous said...

Have a safe trip home -we have enjoyed your journey.
Colin and Maria

Stacka said...

Thank you for allowing us to share your wonderful journey. I've really enjoyed it....and that's saying something.... I haven't enjoyed anything for 47 years. LOL. Sooooo, you've got me a little comforter, eh? I'm sitting here with a little tear in my eye. It doesn't make up for my sunglasses you lost in Keepit Dam, Gruntly, but it will ease the pain of you wrecking my scuba knife. Can't wait for your return.

Jan said...

Tony, don't push him too hard about the sunny's, knife and flippers, but after we diverted for your comforter we had a minor mishap in the RV which resulted in a US$566 repair bill. So a 47 year old grudge wont hold water anymore...oooxxx PS Grant said get over it or something to that affect