Thursday, September 13, 2007


The reunion was in full swing the next morning by about 10.30am with people just continuing to arrive from all over the County, State, Country and World. Some people we had never met before and some people it had been so long ago, that the memory of it was very dim.
The reunion was original planned to be a Patterson reunion(my grandmothers side) but Janice had been in touch with some local people who are related on the Henry (grandfathers side) and that was a real thrill for me as I have never heard of any of these particular relations as I thought that except for my fathers Brothers and the Mississippi cousins that all contact was lost to that group....The Genealogist in me was just about to explode with excitement.
I have very few photos of the reunion itself as my concentration was on a movie that will be viewable in due course.
There was so much good food and conversation and at the end of the day I, for one, was just about brain dead trying to take everything in.

It was about 10.30 pm when everyone departed for bed and planned to come back in the morning for a big hot breakfast before some departures started taking place..

A few tears were shed by me and then a visit was planned to an Aunt of my fathers who is living in a Nursing Home in town..Murray..
Just Keith, Tom, Nellie (Toms Mum) and I went to visit as we felt any more than that might be too many and we arrived while Jan and Larry were visiting so we had a pleasant hour and I did feel at the end of the visit she did know who we were so that was nice.

Sunday afternoon, Grant and I went with Tom and Eva back to their room for a while to access the Internet to see if Grant had emails to attend to...He did BUT he didn't.

More tomorrow................


Stacka said...

Gosh darn, you're having a good ol' time aren't you. Can't wait for the Video Night.
Grant & Jan, your kids can't work out who I am...should I tell them, or keep them in suspenders. I thought the request for the Stanford University 'T' shirt was a dead give away.
Leesha, I must somehow get your email address as my daughter Kylie has moved to Auckland and wants to meet my best mate's daughter. She's tangled up with a Kiwi as well....what's wrong with good ol' Aussie boys??
Jan, glad everything is working out so well for you, the best things always happen to the best people.
Love & Hugs to Grantlee
A firm handshake to Jan

Leesha said...

ooohhhh right, the penny has dropped...
Theres nothing wrong with kiwi boys. Kylie obviously has good taste.

Jan said...

I done thought y'all could just work things out for Y'alls selves..I am fixin to get that email address to you dirctly..yes its good to be back home in the Deep South and were plannin to go deeper.. next stop Mississippi..its down the road a right far piece....
Hugs from Grant(I knew you two were close..didn't realise HOW CLOSE...and firm handshake back..xx

Jan said...

And they look so hot doing the Hakka

Melissa said...

Thanks for the photos from the reunion... sorry for the late Comment.

Love y'all