Friday, August 18, 2006

Painting Progress

After having painted Grant's Office I decide to paint my Study next. Thr color is called Kid Leather and is a muddy grey color. I have used a low gloss paint so that any marks can be wiped off more easily. I am really pleased with the final result. The ceiling still needs to be done but I am going to get all the ceilings done by a professional at some stage.

Next I painted the Dining room asI needed to get it done before our electrician came to put the light fittings on the walls, as there is no light in the room at this stage. The color of the walls is called Sheer Drapery and being a very light grey it has made the room seem lighter and larger . We are both very pleased with the way it looks. I am going to paint the Lounge the same color. Next I did the Entry and small front Hall the same, as all these rooms flow from one to the other.

The outside of the Front Door was painted a deep Red as it is good Feng Shui, and is to help wealth enter the home. The outside of Grant's Office Doors are painted the same red. I have also placed lovely Jade Plants just outside the doors.