Thursday, September 13, 2007

Graveyard Tour

It was a rain free day for our last day in Kentucky - our first rain free day in Ky - after a very cold night. I had woken up and put on my Hoodie and Tracky Dacks and was still cold. After breakfast Pat needed to do a couple of things and I scanned some old letters written by people in the 1800's.
Pat got back from firing a barn and thought we should go to town for lunch and he took us to a Diner and it was just like the ones we have all seen on TV.We had a Plate Lunch which is different to a sandwich or a burger

After we had our lunch we then went to do some more Grave visiting...It really did feel great to be somewhere where the names meant something to me...I have visited graveyards before but never knew anyone that was buried in them

I visited with Dads mother and as you can see I left some Australian flags on the graves to show that the Australian descendants had been to visit

Altogether we visited four graveyards and saw allot of ancestors.

We managed to find the graves of both the Henry's and the Lee's. Which was extremely exciting as probably no one has visited those grave in the last 80 to 100 years.

We went to a neighbouring farm where the stripping of the tobacco was in progress so Janice taught me how to do it, just in case I decide to go back to work.

After I had finished stripping the tobacco we took a photo of the workers and then went back to the house as the men were going to a Lions Club meeting for dinner that evening.

We could have gone but we decided a girls night at home would be more fun..and it was as we had a really good time and a really good laugh.

When the men got back we sat around talking and Grant was telling them all about his time in PNG.

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Melissa said...

Yep - I can see you taking up that as full time employment... Right after I start running a Sheep Station...

Actually probably before - because you aren't as adverse to physical labour!

Thanks for the photos - again!