Sunday, September 30, 2007

Cleaning and Packing

Time for all good things to come to an end, the last night in the RV was spent cleaning the fridge out and clean the bathroom as it needed to be returned by 11am the next day.
The next morning on our way to Santa Fe Springs...the RV place, we went to Claremont to the street where I once lived 57 years ago...yes I am that old..

And our house was still there, for me it was quite a thrill to see it, and to know that the area has not descended to becoming just another 'hood' was nice to see.

We then..with Percy's help..navigated the LA Freeway system for one final time and said Farewell to 'The Beast' and we then taken by shuttle bus to our motel near LAX Airport.

We realised that we needed one more suitcase to return home with all our purchases so we caught a cab to Costco and got such a good deal on a set of 2 bags that we could do a little more shopping...which we did.

While we were waiting for a cab to take us back to the motel Grant commented on how our children 'really shouldn't allow us out'..

My only hope now is that I remembered everyone as over a seven week period it is easy to forget what has been purchased.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you really had an incredible trip from start to finish. How MANY pieces of luggage did you end up with?
Stay in touch.
Jan & Larry

Jan said...

Eight alltogether, yes it has been incredible and we have loved all of it, now happy to go home and have a rest. Thanks for the time spent together in King George Co..
Love from both of us..

Stacka said...

Flippers???? I'd forgotten about the you lost my favourite bloody flippers, as well!!!
You really are an irresponsible person, Grunter.
It's lucky I'm such a loving, special person...and the only friend you have in the whole world.
Safe journey
Big Hugs