Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tahoe and Beyond

During the night it started to rain, usually that means its not going to be too cold, but not at Lake Tahoe and it was just above freezing and the temperature was 20deg. below normal. Being set up for summer, we just about froze and during the night I had put on sox, tracky daks, and my hoodie, and I was still cold. At about 5.30 am I thought I might get up but then I thought it would be warmer to stay in bed...then I thought it would be nice to get up and turn on the heater...what was that thought...HEATER ..yes we have a heater...WARMTH...shame the brain just doesn't work in the middle of the night...

We decided to catch the local Trolley Bus downtown and have a hot breakfast and we eventually found somewhere to eat and had to give our name and wait 20 minutes until a table was ready. After breakfast we wandered around and shopped some more and bought ourselves a warm jacket each and some gloves.

We were going to take a ride in the chairlift but due to the possibility of lightning in the area it wasn't operating, so we found a cosy PUB and had a few drinks and a BLT and then walked back to the campground. We then enjoyed the rest of the afternoon doing nothing in particular and had an early night as we planned to leave for my cousin Tom's house on the other side of the mountains. He lives in the foothills of the Sierra Madre' Mountains which is still pretty high up.

Last night we saw the skunk that comes up to the house to eat the cat food and we didn't get to see the bear that usually comes around on Rubbish Night and knocks over the Bins, and the children are not allowed out at dawn or dusk as there are Coyotes, Mountain Lions, Foxes, Bears and Lynx(Bobcats).. so once it got near dark I just stayed inside...who said I was chicken.....ME
Today we have spent the morning packing our bags to see how we are going to manage all we have purchased. We should just be OK with no spare room and only one large heavy (62lb)box that will either be shipped or excess baggage.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful holiday you have had.The only wildlife at Ningi are those ducks.We are looking forward to seeing you and hearing more about you trip.
love from
Colin and Maria

Melissa said...

I can't believe it's been sooo cold there, it's only Autumn... but then again - I guess it snows at Tahoe in winter doesn't it?

Or not?

I'm at work and waiting for Jase to pick me up when I could be at dinner with you - for Tuesday :) Oh well - I'm sure the bosses appreciate it, even if I just want to go home. At least I don't have to catch the train tonight.

Lots of Love


Laura said...

Wow the trees are beautiful! It would have been good to see a bear or wildcat but i bet i would have stayed inside too. Not long till youll be home now! enjoy the rest of your trip!!!!!!
with love
Laura ox

Anonymous said...

wow, those trees are amazing!! that hole ared must be stunning. really looking forward to seeing the photos from that leg of your trip. enjoy your last week, it will go so fast.
kylie xo

Janice Wilson said...

It was good to see more of your trip. Got back from Colorado on the 26th, and it was a great trip. Loved the mountains. Take care. Janice