Monday, September 03, 2007

G Day Ya oorl

My name is Grant and I am Jan's better half. As great a job as Jan is doing on this blog I have decided that it needs some additional information concerning our trip. I have called my column "G Day Ya oorl" as a way of combining the Aussies and USA (southern) most recognised words. I have used this term on a number of occasions and the response has been remarkable. The attempts by USA citizens to replicate unfortunately still sounds like a southerner trying to imitate an Aussie. For those USA citizens wanting to master this phrase there is no "i" after G and no second "a" in Ya oorl.

I have tried this phrase in various shops and restaurants followed very quickly with the phrase " do you have the Australian discount ?" The most successful response came about in a subway store which so captivated the two young ladies serving that were not charged anything at all for our order. (only kidding). They did ask some interesting questions though, like does the water in the bowl go the opposite way to that in the USA. I must admit that i don't remember which way the water goes in Auz but in the USA it goes anti clockwise. Maybe some one could confirm which way it goes down under.

As some of you may be aware Australia is in the middle of a labour shortage and i have delegated myself as a one man employment promoter and have been successful in convincing nearly six young females and one rather geeky computer nerd to visit our fare shores.

The issue of driving on the wrong side of the road at over 110mph has been interesting but i have finally worked out that you do what everyone else does. Drive with out seat belts, talk on the mobile phone and leave all decisions in regard to merging to the other driver. Works every time.

I promised Jan that my first special correspondent report would be short so i will leave you with a teaser. What does "bless her/his heart " do to a descriptive sentance ?

PS; I have finally worked out the difference between a "conniptions and a hissy fit". For those uninitiated i will explain next time.

Until then. G Day Ya oorl.


Melissa said...

Congrats on you first post... You're no longer posting-virgin... sniff - it's sad when the kids grow up and learn to use computers :)

Sorry - i'll be good now.

Great post!

I know the answers to your questions, cause i'm a little know-it-all, so i'll hold off joining the pop quiz till others have taken a shot!



Leesha said...

Hi Dad,

Im with the little know it all who beat me to being your first commenter and I know the answers as well.
But you knew I would didn't you?

Sounds like you are having a ball.

Looking forward to your next installment.

Anonymous said...

Grant, I bet your nose was flaring the whole time you were posting this!!!

I must admit, you had me fooled on the "Subway Story". I fell for it hook, line and sinker...THEN I remembered your nose!!!

You do make a very good "Special Correspondent"!!

See ya' in Murray!

Love, Laura (Sweeney)

P.S. I can attest to the fact that Grant is working tirelessly in the employment recruiting department!!!

Larry said...

We've been enjoying the trip descriptions, both before you reached our home and while you were with us. You Walkers are brilliant company and we miss that Aussie accent today. For the benefit of American readers, "Special Correspondent" Grant's blog, titled "G Day Ya oorl" translates in American Southern to: "G Day Y'all" Just wanted to clear up any confusion caused by Grant, bless his heart.
We'll see you at the reunion or maybe on the night before. Keep us posted on you travels via Jan's Junk.
Jan & Larry

Laura said...

hehe! well since no one else seems to have answered i just flushed the loo and it looked ani clockwise to me. Good work grant!
with love Laura(cullen)

Stacka said...

G'day Bloke,
I wasn't hitting on your missus, just trying to get YOU motivated...and it worked!! And while we're at it, why would you travel thousands of miles to eat at Subway? Good to get an Aussie perspective on the trip....the Yankee genes have been coming out in Jan's biased couldn't be that good, could it? And, how come George W has left the country just as you arrive?? Have you offended them already?
Love the photos and comments. Keep up the good work. Look after yourself, and keep well.You should be OK with the sounds just like Queensland.
Big Hugs

Anonymous said...

i am with stacka (though not sure who he is) it is rather interesting that george w is here and your there??? wonder who let the cat out of the bag. good on you laura for flushing the loo, now some questions i had last year when i was in the states have been answered.
and although we all seem to know the answers to your pop quiz here, bless your heart, i hope you are sharing with the southeners our terms. eg dont you come the raw prawn with me (as quote by a very famous aussie alf from home and away. lol)
hope your having a cracker of a time.
love kylie
p.s. you have a way with words. loved the post x