Thursday, September 13, 2007

Nashville Cats

We are in Nashville and we have met a very nice local lady who drove us downtown lastnight and told us where to go and how to act like locals so we wouldn't get ripped off. She also told us the best place to visit and hear some really good music so we couldn't get seats for the fist night here so we have some for tonight at the Blue Bird Cafe..cant wait for that.

They have this building here they call The Batman Tower...for obvious reasons. We went into allot of Boot shops and I know what I would like but do you think I can find Ladies boots in my size......NO but whats new about that.

I think I will look for my boots in Texas, might have more luck there.

After we wandered for a while we went to BB Kings Club for some Blues and dinner It was great and then we decided on an early night so I could do my Blogs and a big day for today.

We are going to have lunch with Susan, our local new friend, and do a few little spots that have country music basically 24/7. And the a big one tonight at the Blue Bird..
Might find some boots today if I am lucky.


Anonymous said...

Looks like you Nashville cats are continuing to have a great time. We'll have to consult you for pointers if we ever get to go there for a visit.
It was so much fun getting to see y'all again at the reunion! Larry took some good photos. We'll have to email them to you soon.
We're getting ready for Keith & family to visit this weekend. I'm glad Janice and Pat already provided the "traditional" southern cuisine, I don't have a clue where I'd come up with squirrel and moonshine. They may have to settle for fried chicken and mint juleps in Virginia.
Safe travels and keep blogging -- we really enjoy reading about your adventures.
Jan & Larry

Laura said...

Hey Momma! Wow the reunion sounds great. did you end up finding boots? what is moonshine? its got a great name whatever it is! your blogs are great! Is good to here about it all. would love to be there with you
With love ox

Melissa said...

Sounds like Nashville was sensational! Can't wait to see more photos of BB King's place!

Sorry about the shoe-crisis.... seems Australia and America are getting more alike every day!

Don't forget to encourage our family to come "down under"!