Friday, August 17, 2007

IN THE USA - Miami

Well here we are after 35 years of wishing, 3 years of planning, 1 year of organising and 19 hours of travelling.

We found that entering the US an easy and friendly experience. Not quite as smooth as entering New Zealand but certainly better than we had imagined that it would be. The only impossible part of the process was collecting our luggage.
The slowest part of our travel was going through the security for our internal flights...we are really glad that we are driving across the country and not doing allot of flying.

After 12 hours of sleep we headed off on the metro mover (overhead mono rail) and headed into downtown Miami for the first morning, did allot of walking and Grant managed to get some really big blisters on his feet.

I was surprised that so many of Miami's people only speak Spanish so we had some communication problems, or we just ended up in the wrong part of town.

In the afternoon we went on a tour boat around the Bay of Biscayne and saw the Port of Miami and the house where the Rich and Famous live.
At the end of our first day we were too tired to eat out so we stayed at the motel and had an early night.

Day 2 in Miami we had an early breakfast and then headed out to go on an Air boat Ride on the Everglades. A tour bus came and picked us up at the Motel and then gave us a hair raising drive out to the Trading Post where they have Guides who gave us a great trip. We saw small Alligators, Black Vultures, Turtles, various Fish and Birds.


Melissa said...

I have ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS wanted to do an airboat ride on the Everglades! Was it as fabulous as I thought it would be???

Was it fast and fun? or more slow and a look around experience?

I felt so nervy when you told me you only had two minutes to spare in making the plane... oops... very sorry... but at least you made it!


ummm - on to other things

Enjoy your trip! I love you heaps and give my love to Grant! Tell him to have fun too!



Anonymous said...

memories!!! i think i went to the same everglades wildlife park as you. great to read your adventures.
so you had two minutes to spare in between connecting flights.hehe. doesnt surprise me. LAX is a dreadful airport and you are right about the internal flights, they do slow you down alot. so so so many people moving through them all the time.

love to you both xx kylie