Sunday, August 19, 2007

Miami to Mims

Well we have arrived at our first campground near Cape Canaveral....What a day!!!

It started out great with a slow leisurely breakfast and getting packed up to leave the motel. All great so far, pay the final check and get the bellhop to collect our bags and get the taxi. We even got all our tipping worked out OK and tipped the bellhop. THEN the bellhop, must have known the 2nd taxi driver waiting in line and put us in his cab.

Thats where all went wrong...we gave him the written address and it was 103rd we near the sign to 103rd St, Grant said we needed to turn off, he said NO he knew the way and that was wrong. Grant and he argued for another 15 minutes all the while we are travelling further than where we wanted to go. He kept saying that it was another suburb. I called the RV people and she told me a hotel near the address, so the driver had to take us back all the time trying to tell us we had told him to go to the further out suburb........meanwhile if you have ever seen Grant getting angry and know what I mean.

When we got near the pickup place we were both looking for the sign and we missed it so he needed to turn around and come back...which seemed to be a big problem as WE SHOULD HAVE SEEN IT.

We paid him what we thought he should get....NOT what the meter read and NO TIP.

And Grant said that he is sure that there are allot of NICE Cubans in Miami, but we didn't get to meet many of them, just the nice girls dancing on the tables at Mangoes.

So we are at the campground and it is time for bed..................

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Melissa said...

Wow - that's a really rough day. Reminds me of Jase and my first trip to the States. :) I think there's a rule that you have to get stiffed by at least one taxi driver... but how dreadful!

I'm glad you stuck to your guns and didn't pay the amount he created - or the tip!

Love you both!