Saturday, August 18, 2007

Still Miami

As I write this entry, Grant is snoring beside me as he has been hit by either Jet lag or a heavy cold....BUT he was well enough earlier this evening and we grabbed a cab and went to South Beach where everyone who visits Miami should go and enjoy.
We wondered along the sidewalk that was just Cafe after Cafe, and finally decided on Cuban food and ate at a great place and watched the weird and wonderful world pass by. Its amazing how many staff work in the one Cafe.

We wandered a bit further and were about to head away from the Cafe area and we heard some terrific Latin music and we found it coming from MANGOES which is a Cafe and Bar with live music and dancing so we stayed for quite a while and had a couple of drinks. It was excellent.

We then grabbed another cab back to the motel and had a friendly Taxi driver, whose English was good, so it was interesting to talk to a local.
We have now finished our sightseeing in Miami and tomorrow we collect the RV, or Motorhome or however you the reader wants to refer to it.
Then the real adventure begins.........first lesson will be driving on the Right side of the road


Shane said...

Hi Guys. Well it loooks like your having fun already. Can't wait to see you both again. Love Shane ox

Melissa said...

Hi Mum

Loved the update on the fun day in Miami - and can just picture you both groovin to the local tunes...

What was cuban food like? Yummy? Spicy?

Fabulous update!

Thanks for the great photos too!

Love Melissa