Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Beast (friendly)

Here it is, the method of our journey, it is parked in the lot at the Kennedy Space Centre. We were the first to arrive before the gates opened for the tourists.....I had a great time.

Unfortunately Grant got struck down with a rotten cold and was feeling miserable so I told him he could go back to bed and sleep for a few hours while I do the tourist thing..

It was great I took the bus tour that is called "NASA Up Close and Personal" and we saw the longest runway in the world and the control tower that is the least stressful due to lack of traffic as there is only 1 landing at a time and no departing traffic. We saw the various launchpads from the early rockets to the Apollo Series. All very interesting.

When the tour was over I hurried back to the RV and woke up Grant so that we could go to Jacksonville.

We arrived at Tom and Eva's house and it was all just so exciting and we have talked and talked for three days so that is why there have been no current Blog to read...It will happen again as I just get too busy to do one every day...
To our surprise Tom's daughter Laura was here also as she had come down from Kentucky.
We are all just having the best time.
It is my birthday today and Grant has just made me a Strawberry Daiquiri. so I will blog again another day.


Melissa said...

Hi Mum!
That's fabulous! And I'm loving your blog! Poor Grant getting sick and not being able to enjoy the touristie stuff... that's soooo sad!

I love ya lots... And I'm glad you are getting on like a house on fire with all of our relatives! And you got to meet Laura as a nice surprise! That's wonderful!

I'm still thrilled for you! And enraptured with your updates!



Anonymous said...

Dear Jan
Happy happy birthday to you and thank you for taking us on your's so lovely to watch your blog spot and see where you are..I love your excitement and enthusiasm and am so glad you are having such a wonderful time. Hope Grant is feeling better and I look forward to your next update. xxxx to you both

Toni said...

Coooooool! Love Kyrone

Do you always wear that american flag top? Happy Birthday! Love from your favorite grand daughter

Hi Mum,
I can see you are enjoying your trip immensely, it was much awaited and well deserved. Sorry to hear Grant is not the best, hoping he is enjoying the fun soon. I am enjoying your entries and thrilled you are having so much fun, talk soon. With much love and light to both of you Toni