Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Virginia Side Trip

We had an early start on Sunday morning after the football and went to Richmond Va to have a late breakfast with Jan and Larry's eldest daughter, her husband and their two gorgeous girls. It was really nice to meet them and I continually ask all the members of the family we meet, to come to Australia to visit with all of us 'Down Under'

This house was owned by the Eppes family who built their house on the land that was granted by Royal Decree to their ancestor Francis Eppes I who was one of my ancestors. During the Civil War, Ulysses S Grant made this are his base of operations during the Battle for Petersburg.

It was amazing to be in the area where my Ancestors who were among the first families to live in America, to have walked all those hundreds of years ago.

On Sunday evening after we checked in at the motel we went out for drinks at Hooters and it was a really busy night there as the World Championship Wrestling was on the big Screen. While we were waiting for a table I saw 4 young men who were carrying Championship Belts, so I went over and asked them if they had won them in a Fight. Grant was amazed that I had just fronted up to these Bro's from the Hood, and later Larry said he was ready to run. Anyway the boy I spoke to probably just thought I was a silly old lady from Australia and was very nice to me. He told me that they had bought them. I was totally amazed
Anyway when the wrestling started they put them on.....I still cant believe that anyone would buy Belts and wear the. like they had won them...To me its something that a 10 year old would do.

We started out the day after breakfast at the motel to do a CD Guided Tour of the Petersburg National Monument Battlefield. It started at the Visitor Centre where we heard a talk by a young volunteer who was a History Major at College. He really helped Grant and myself understand the area we would be looking at as the day progressed.

Then we went via car to the various Battery Positions along the field of battle. We saw where they fought and lived .

The cabins were for the soldiers and there were 4 to a cabin with one double bunk, so two to a bed.....cosy !!!

This area is the Crater that was caused by the Confederate Ammunition that was stored underground, being blown up by the Federal forces. They tunnelled under the ground for 500ft and exploded the lot. This was in the movie Cold Mountain.

We stopped for a late lunch at Hawk's Bar-B-Q, in the Hood and any fast food diner that requires security grills and has posters for Bail Bondsmen in their serving windows, is an interesting place to be.

On our way home after 2 fabulous days sightseeing we stopped off in Hanover to see where Patrick Henry more than likely, practise Law as he lived in the nearby area.

Tomorrow is a day off so there will be no Blogs for about 2 days as we are going into DC with the commuters for 2 days in a row and back out in the evenings.


Anonymous said...

Well, aren't you little Aussie tourists just having the best time.Weather is warming up here in Oz, it's been pouring for over a week up & down the coast. Tragic news.....Shelley lost her Hockey semi armbands all round.
Glad you're having such a great time, look forward to catching up when you get back. Don't suppose you could get me a Stanford University cap or T-shirt could you???? I'll pay for the bloody thing, Grant!!!! LOL.
Big Hugs,
The Stanfords

Anonymous said...

Hi Jan & Grant - isn't this the greatest letter - a 'blogspot' - mmmmm!!! I am thoroughly enjoying your trip and photos - you have planned well Jan. Most impressed with the crowd control at the footy game! - and we thought we were having rough weather here?Your excitement at meeting family (dead and alive!) is contagious and thank you for sharing - continue to make every moment count. LOL

Jan said...

Which Lyn....I know 3....Thanks for the messages everyone...I love them

Melissa said...

That's fabulous! I am just wrapped ur getting around to scary unusual places! Makes for the funniest stories!

Love the war history photos and descriptions!

I know what you mean about adults buying wierd stuff.. but then again - jase and I did buy Mickey Mouse ears at Disney - so who are we to talk :)

Keep talking to strangers - it's a great way to meet people for 5 mins and the accent will keep u safe - it always kept me safe!