Sunday, August 26, 2007

Drive North

We left Tom and Eva's house on Thursday morning after peak hour to head north and we planned to drive to a town called Florence South Carolina. Grant is getting used to "The Beast" now and we are getting along a bit faster than on our trip to Jacksonville.

Well, in spite of Grant's excellent driving skills we didn't quite make Florence because I have decided to collect refrigerator magnets of each state we pass through on our journey. Even though Grant patiently (true) left the freeway four times to find a shop that might sell them, we got through Georgia without one.

That slowed us down somewhat and Grant got a bit tired so we stopped early in a KOA and as we went into the Office to check in....LOW and BEHOLD they had one only Georgia magnet left for sale....YAY.

We had an early night as we were both exhausted from our wonderful, fantastic, superb time in Jax....and as we have no TV in the RV and I couldn't connect to their WiFi , managed to get 10 hours sleep......even I slept 10.

We got on the road early and headed of to Ranoake Rapids in North Carolina and we travelled so well that we decide to call Larry at work and see if it would be convenient if we drove to their place a day early...which we did and here we are.


Leesha said...

Nice hat Dad...
Glad to see you are both having a great time!

Melissa said...

Cool update! The driving does sound exhausting! Glad you get an extra day of rest :)

I am sooooo amused you had to hunt through 5 shops for one magnet...

Jase and I totally get that! We've hunted, plotted and planned our way to decent souveniers... particularly when you have a "type" you're hunting for!

Laura said...

Hey Momma and Gruntly,
Good to hear what a great time you are having! Wheres all the goss on our long lost rele's? Love the camper. We want to hear your comments too Grant! love you both