Saturday, December 24, 2011

Calloway County.....down on the farm

We drove to New Concord which is right by Murray and enjoyed the drive past all the forrests that have bare trees for the winter, it just looks so different to the summer time. It as been rainig off and on, and cold since we have been here but unfortunately not cold enough to snow so I really dont think at this stage we will get a white christmas.
Pat and Janice produce just about all the food that they eat for themselves and when they kill a hog, as they did the week or so before we arrived, they butcher it and do their own curing and smoking of their meats. We have been having the crispiest and best sugar cured bacon.
Janice had the ham picked out for Christmas dinner and needed to take it to one of the butchers in town to get sliced...well the ham was 34 lbs which is just under 15.5 kg and really big.....the guy at the butcher said leave it her and we will get it done.....Janice wanted to take it and bring it back when they would be doing it and the guy said no leave it or we wont be able to do it before Christmas. Janice said she wasn't happy about leaving a home cured country ham but the guy insisted and said they would look after it.
The next day we get a call that it is ready to be picked up and so we get changed and drive to town it took about 3/4 hour and when we got there they said that 1/2 hour previously that a lady with the same surname had picked it up............Janice was totally devestated to say the least. After much discussion we left the shop with the understanding that this was not over yet.

The next afternoon they called and said they had tracked down the lady and got the ham back and we could pick it up.......which we did .....immediately.....
We all will really enjoy that ham on christmas day.

Last night we went to a Place called Patties for dinner and the house speciality is a 2" thick Pork Loin Chop . We had an excellent dinner and a great time. The whole place was decorated for christmas and the lights were amazing. On the way there we drove to The Land Between the Lakes and saw some Buffalo and Elk.And Yes Melissa....Grant wore a jumper.While I have the laptop hooked up to Janice's ADSL, Grand is out working with Pat in the tobacco shed and they are loading the bundles of tobacco onto the trailerI know its dark but my phone dowsn't have a flash. This is the shed he is working in.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds trippy. I can't believe someone stole Janice's Ham... Hmmm. Isn't it funny how sometimes you know something will go wrong. I'm glad you got it back. The tobacco shed photos look interesting. I'm glad Grant finally wore a jumper - it's COOOOLD over there. Loving the Christmas light photos and you sitting in a Santa frame. Love you. Mel