Friday, December 16, 2011

The Journey Begins

We are on our way. Got up at the totally ungodly hour of 4 am after a very short night sleep. We were getting the elevator downstairs at the hotel and the lift doors closed very quickly and they grabbed Grant and for a short time, thankfully, they kept closing. I started to have visions of a squashed Grant being ripped apart by the lift. Anyway it finally let go and we got to the airport. Checked in and these days at the check- in if you are traveling on two passports and one is the US one and your traveling to the USA, that\'s the one you have to show not theAustralian one as they start their screening process for entry into the States even before you board your flight. Totally messed up the lady at check-in as I of course had to give her the wrong passport. She wasn\'t very happy with me.. Got to go and get flight.....more later


Leesha said...

Enjoy the rest of your short stay in Auckland and have a good flight to the States!

Larry said...

Have a great trip, Jan and Grant! We wish you were coming up our way. G'day y'all!

Jan and Larry

Andy and Sally said...

Don't you just love the check-in process!! NOT. And I think it's a lot worse here in the Philippenes - we had a policeman 'help' us through the check-in at Manila (for 500 pesos, of course).