Saturday, December 24, 2011

Nashville Stopover

We arrived in Tennessee on Sunday evening at 5.30 pm and it was already so dark and it felt like midnight. We hired a car at the airport. For the un-initiated thats a Lamborgini..........not really we got a white Ford ......boring but comfortable.
We found a place to stay for 2 nights and went to Shoneys for dinner....don't think we will go to one of them again.
Next day breakfast at the Waffel House and had a great breakfast and then went shopping...bought some warm clothes to wear while we are here.
Walked our feet off at nthe Mall and didn't get around to all the stores. Went back to our room and Grant fell asleep while I wrapped all the christmas presents and sorted them into the groups for our 2 christmas's we are having.

Dinner that night at Ruby Tuesdays.And yes Melissa grant was showing what a tough bronzed Aussie he is by not wearing a jumper........whereas I was wearing 3 layers............... Grant was keen to head out to Kentucky the next day so we didn't do the tourist thing in Nashville this time......and we are still feeling jet lagged.

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Anonymous said...

I love that you shopped till u dropped... Why won't you be going back to Shoney's? Bad? Was Ruby Tuesdays good? What about the Waffle House? Mum I would've been wearing 10 jumpers.