Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Visiting Louisville

We drove to Louisville (Luuuvllll) and as Grant had been feeling unwell I drove for a while. We arrived at Frankie's (Toms other half sister's house) and all of the family were there and we celebrated our second Christmas. It was a great day and I had never seen so many presents. 

 We all had a lot of laughs and we opened presents from 2pm through to about 8pm that night.  The next day we went for a drive around Louisville and headed over to a consignment store (sells 2nd hand clothing) and it was a high end store. Grant bought me a genuine grey fox fur coat for my anniversary and it is beautiful and warm. Now I can truely say "I am a Foxy Lady" haha,,,,    We went to an old factory that is converted to artists studios and are rented out so the artists can work on their craft and also make sales to the public.  There was an interesting one where the person makes guitars.

 Grant, being Grant was always getting seperated from the rest of us as it was a maze of corridors and alleys.

 We keep finding great little places to have lunch and doing some great shopping


Anonymous said...

Hi! I only just remembered you had the blog updates. I'm loving the photos. It looks like an amazing trip! I'm so happy you are enjoying yourselves. Love to you both. xx

Anonymous said...

Wups - FYI - that was Melissa

Anonymous said...

Hi Mum,

Love your cover photo and yes you are a foxy lady

with Love

Stacka said...

Well....you sure are going to get a fair bit of use out of your fur coat...in DARWIN!!

Jan said...

We have airconditioning and Grant likes me in fur.............