Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Orleans

We are now in New Orleans and as I am writing this I am in the downstairs area that is available for Internet connection and unfortunately it is so loud as this weekend and right at this moment New Orleans Saints are playing in the playoffs against San Francisco 49ers and the staff and their family's are here watching the game in the same room. Every time they feel its a bad play they all yell......there must have been allot of bad plays so far as they don't sound very happy.

We have been on a couple of tours while we are here the first one being the graveyard tour.....was really hoping to see a Jazz funeral but none were happening. The graves are built up not dug down and the process of family tombs was really interesting.
This is the grave of the Voodoo Queen and these are offerings left by visitors.

In the afternoon we went on a horse and buggy tour of the Garden district to see all the old mansions.
Yes these are private homes and they all seem to have "Carriage House's" attached that the teenagers often move into or sometimes they are rented rather cool to live in one of them.  Many Hollywood stars own houses here as its a quieter life here for them and as long as they stay away from Bourbon Street they are not hassled by the locals

It was absolutely freezing and I must admit I thought it would be a bit warmer here as we are right o the Gulf of Mexico.  The only bad thing here is there is no HOT water in this hotel and its just luke warm so with the really cold weather I cant wait for a long hot shower when we get to Dallas tomorrow night.

We are staying in the French Quarter of New Orleans and we are only one block from Bourbon Street and we have really been having fun and last night we were lucky enough to be here for Pardi Gras which is a smaller version than Mardi Gras. It was great to see the floats go by and they through strings of beads to the crowds to try and catch.....I caught about 20 or so and they will be great to add to my dress up box for the Grand Kids.

We have done lots of shopping and have plenty to show for the trip. Tomorrow we head out to Dallas and we are flying out in 2 sad it has come to an end........

When we fly out we have requested an upgrade to Business class so please everyone cross your fingers and toes so that we get granted the seats.........

Today we drove over Lake Pontchartrain via the Causeway and it is the longest bridge about 28 miles long from memory....sort of weird to just drive out into the wide blue yonder...............

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