Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Off to Jacksonville

We left Louisville very early....8am....one cold and frosty morning after scraping the ice off the windscreen and headed down to Cave City just near Bowling Green Ky. There was a light snow laying on the ground and it was very pretty but cold in the wind.

We went to see 2 caves in an area that has the largest cave system in the world.....of course we didn't have time to see much of it but what we saw was beautiful.

And no that's not a spider its an 8 legged cave cricket.

That night we stayed in a Wigwam and near froze to death. I placed all the blankets from the 2nd bed in the room onto our bed and I wore my thermals..... top and bottom..... and my Grannie Flannie's and my warm sox.
The next day we headed down through Tennessee and we kept seeing these signs for Ruby Falls over a hundred mile stretch. We also saw a sign for a Armory so we stopped in there so Grant could feel the testosterone flow through his veins.

It is a lot warmer in Jacksonville and we have bee down to St Augustine for some shopping and I think it is a great place with shops that sell things you can't get anywhere else. Grant has bought a Panama Hat the same style that Sean Connery wore in one of his movies.

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leesha said...

The cave cricket would give me nightmares...
Glad you are both havibg an awesome time!