Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Heading Home

We are now in Dallas Texas waiting to get our flight home, yesterday we drove 550 miles and at least eighty of it was through the swamps and Bayou country. It was a long exhausting day and we were happy to see Dallas and a nice hotel room with HOT SHOWERS. 
See you all back in Australia after we fly direct from Dallas to Brisbane........Premium Economy.


david said...


I am compiling some research for my family tree I Googled the name Peter Macindoe and found my way to your Blog via your tree on familytreemaker.

My Peter's family was originally from Glasgow. If this is the same as yours you can contact me directly davidramsay@hotmail.com.

If this is not the case, thanks anyway fro taking the time to read this post. Also can you please delete my email address from your blog once you have read this.



Richard said...
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