Monday, March 26, 2007


Time flies and life gets busy. Thats another way of saying - I have been to lazy to Blog.

It is now only 9 days until Grant and I jet off to New Zealand for our Easter visit with Leesha and Hamish. We will be sightseeing around Auckland, Rotorua and Taupo. We are really getting excited about the whole thing.

The only other things that have been happening in our lives lately are that Grant and I are taking dance lessons once a week and it is great fun even though a bit exhausting, and also we have purchased 2 cycles and are enjoying a leisurely cycle around the Bribie Island foreshore.

Grant is getting really active since his weight loss -23 kilos so far.

He only has about 10 kilos to go. He no longer requires any medications and his health has improved out of sight.

That is me in the distance!


Leesha said...

Your back!
Looking good Dad!
What dance lessons are you taking?

Jan said...

We are doing Rock & Roll and Foxtrot. Last class tonight and we are still falling over our own feet.
Those pants your Dad is wearing, he last wore in 1994 in Melbourne and the were too tight then.