Monday, November 20, 2006

Drive along Bribie Beach

On Thursday last week we took friends for a drive along the beach. It was terrific as we went on a weekday there was next to no one on the beach also. It is 20 kms that we are ablr to drive along and in the first 5kms we saw a few ladies playing cricket with their kids. Then we only saw one other car all the time we were there. We stopped by a small lagoon a paddled around on an inflatable boat and had a quick swim in the surf.

Then on Sunday we went for another drive along the beach with some different friends, and it was so busy we had to be very careful to watch the small kids playing on the beach. When it came time to come home we actually had to wait in a cue to be able to drive through the entry point as it is a "one way" entry onto the beach. I guess it is going to get alot busier as the summer warms up.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Guys

We had a great time last week when we stayed. Envy you living so close to Bribie, nothing like that here in Sydney, every day is busy like a weekend.
See you soon.
Maria & Colin