Sunday, July 16, 2006

Moved In At Last

We still need to get rid of the horrible light fitting and hang the curtains in Grants office.
To cold to go swimming yet!!!!!!
We have had such warm weather that we have used our outside table more than at any time in the past.

Two guest rooms are ready and one just needs the curtain hung. So, to all you friends and family WE LOVE VISITORS!!!

Its already looking better don't you think?

We have now been in our new house for 12 days and except for a few boxes of books, I am unpacked. My washing machine died so we got a new one and after two weeks of getting no washing done I had a big job catching up. I hope you enjoyed the photos.

1 comment:

Hamish and Leesha said...

Looks fantastic!
Like a totally different house now.
Well done!