Thursday, June 29, 2006


As I write this entry, I am finding it a bit of a struggle to stay awake. Three days ago, on Monday, we had final settlement on the new house at 1.15pm. I was able to collect the keys and went to check out everything was OK. The house is a 1.5 hour drive from our old house so on the first day, all I did was check everything and work out what I wanted to do first before we move in next Tuesday.
On Tuesday I took my cleaning gear and nearly all the food out of the pantry, so I cleaned all the cupboards out and cleaned the shower in the ensuite. The only person living in the house before was a twenty year old son of the owner, and for a young guy he did a good job of the cleaning, but for my satisfaction I needed to re clean.
Wednesday morning I was awake early so I left home early and stopped on the way for breakfast. First thing I did was give the shower anothe scrub. Then I still had some time until the shops opened so I prepared Grants office for painting. While I was driving to the hardware store I decided what colors to paint it. It will be white ceiling, cream walls and black trims and doors. The main bedroom has black curtains and as they are good quality and in excellent condition, I have decided to put the in the office instead of just chucking them out.
I managed to finish painting the ceiling in one day with 2 coats of paint. The photos show that the origional yellow ceiling is no more.
I was cleaning the brushes and came face to face with a snake. It was either a taipan or a brown and it gave me a bit of a shock as it is winter. I must have disturbed it as it should be asleep for a couple of months yet.
Today I had a late start as we had to go see our lawyer to sign the transfer documents on our old house so I didn't get to the new one until about 10.30. I managed to move the heavy bureau away fron the wall and remove the old curtain rods as I had remembered to bring my screwdrivers. Then I got all the first coat done on the walls. I ended up driving home in peak hour traffic, which I had managed to avoid the other days. Tomorrow I hope to finish the walls, and the pool man is coming to teach me how to work the filter etc. That is all for now. Bed is waiting. Sleep, blisfull sleep.


Hamish and Leesha said...

You should have moved to NZ, where they are no snakes....
Starting to look great!

Eve said...

Just stumbled over here from hamish and leesha's Technorati page (cos I'm a busy-body)

crikey! those colours! how did those people LIVE in there! It looks gorgeous though, once you get past that. said...

I sort of like the colours!
The new house looks great. Well done.

Hope the move goes well this weekend.

Have you got a pool table? If not, there is still one at Oxley and although it belongs to Simon and Bryan, I am sure that they would like it to go to a good home.

Love from Maria and Colin XXX

julie said...

SURPRISE! The house looks Fantastic!!!
Looking forward to seeing you both soon.
Love Julie xxxxxxx

Jan said...

Maria and Colin, thanks for the offer but we have no room for a pool table!!

Jan said...

Do you mean you might actually come and visit with us or does it mean that we will see you at the wedding.

Pat & Janice said...

I really admire your energy at getting the new house ready. It looks great.