Saturday, March 11, 2006

Yard Work

The next job to work on was the levelling out of the area just below the deck and planting grass. We have chosen to lay Sir Walter turf as it does very well in full sun or shade and is fairly drought resistant.
With our severe water restrictions in Brisbane we need to consider the long term plan on keeping the grass looking good.
I spread 1.5 cubic metres of under turf soil and lay 100 sq. metres of turf. I am exhausted.


Anonymous said...

Wow! You guys have been working hard.........but its looking great. Well done.

Love ya,


Jan said...

Thanks, We only have to put some plants in the garden box and its all done. I have been sleeping rather well at night.

Anonymous said...

Looks great! Can't wait to see it for real - and see if ther beer really does taste any better out there.

I am confident that an oral anaesthetic or two will assist with healing the sore back - or at least feel that way.

Sorry to hear about PNG - maybe next time.